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EQ for Corporates

EQ Training

We provide EQ trainings based on SEI-EQ assessments. Participants get complete insight of their brain styles, talents and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

EQ Coaching

We provide leadership coaching based on SEI-EQ assessments. Leaders get insight about their own eq competencies, strengths and success factors.

EQ Workshops

We provide highly interactive and transformational EQ workshops designed to help your employees thrive and excel at the workplace (For example, EQ in Achieving Success, EQ in Decision making, Self-empowerment)


Organizations with Emotional Intelligence skills are more likely
to be people friendly and high on employee retention.

EQ for Education

EQ for Teachers

We provide three days Social Emotional Learning (SEL) training to teachers and administrative staff that help them learn new EQ skills and a sense of strong connection with their students.

EQ for Parents

We provide SEL EQ Workshop for parents that help them to build thriving relationship with their kids.

EQ for Students

We provide EQ assessment and workshop for students that help them learn social skills and achieve academic excellence.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) helps in developing social and emotional skills in students to manage
emotions, achieve positive goals, and show empathy to others. It helps in building healthy
classrooms, community and improving entire school culture.

EQ for Individuals

SEI- EQ Assessments

SEI-EQ assessments focuses on relationship, well being, effectiveness and quality of life based on EQ model and EQ Competencies.

Personal Coaching

These individual coaching sessions are powerful one-to-one sessions, which focuses on personal and professional goals with concrete action plan.


Emotional Intelligence skill helps to take better decisions in life, find purpose and
connect with others easily. It also helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

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