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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills are easy to learn and they result in improved outcomes in well-being, health, self-efficacy and excellent academic performance. In today’s time, unfortunately the education of students is directed towards focus on test scores and the development of technical skills and neglecting the social and emotional development of students. SEL programs are safe, engaging and done in well-managed environments.

EQ for Teachers

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is effective when it begins from within and helps you connect with others. MEQ academy offers three days Social Emotional Learning (SEL) training for teachers that helps them to build EQ competencies that results into strong connection with their students.

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EQ for Parents

When parents are included in a school’s SEL initiative and supported with basic knowledge about emotional intelligence, the bonding between parent and child increases, and family resilience is developed.

MEQ academy offers extensive workshops for parents and coach families towards integrating EQ into their homes. We coach every parent to devise methods through which they can identify their child’s emotions, learn it how to manage and put it towards the betterment of the child and discover their inner wisdom to control emotions of their kids.

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EQ for Students

SEL skills in Students help them build social emotional competencies such as interacting with diverse individuals and groups in socially skilled and respectful ways. These students contribute responsibly to their family, school, and society.

MEQ Academy provides coaching and workshop based on SEI-EQ Assessment to students to develop their social skills, resilience and academic performance.

To know more about EQ for Students program download the brochure.

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