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We at MEQ Academy, coach individuals for their personal and professional growth by using emotional intelligence tools and assessments. The coaching is based on SEI EQ Assessment  that measures emotional intelligence (EQ) and helps in nurturing self-awareness, decision-making, and connection. Individual Coaching with EQ, help clients to come out of their limiting beliefs and help to achieve their goals.

SEI- EQ Assessments

The SEI-EQ Assessments are effective measures that help people develop and apply emotional intelligence professionally and personally. The SEI suite includes a self-assessment (with several reports like, brain brief, brain talent, brain discover, leadership and self-development), and SEI-Youth version (for kids ages 8 -18 years).

To know more, refer to SEI- EQ Assessments 

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching offered at MEQ Academy is based on SEI-EQ Assessment and it focuses on achieving personal and professional goals. In a powerful one-to-one session, our certified coach will work with you to identify your goals and objectives that you want to achieve. You will be given a comprehensive plan to achieve the results. The coach works with you throughout and helps you in achieving the invisible.

After the session, you’ll be more confident and would be taking steps toward your goals and making your life happier.

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