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Who can join?

This certification program is designed for educationists, coaches, counselors, and teachers who wish to understand the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and want to implement the same in their personal or professional work. 

Course Duration

Duration of Course 

 4 weeks | 4 Modules (60 minutes each - one module every week), followed by study material and assignments.

Delivery Mode

This EQ certification course is an online program. It is delivered over  Zoom.

Course Modules

There are four modules in the Emotional Intelligence Certification program.

Emotional Well-being Community

You will be part of our fast growing Emotional Well-being Community on Facebook.

Course Details



The MEQ Emotional Intelligence Certification consists of four modules:


  • Module 1 - Introduction
  • Module 2 - EQ Model
  • Module 3 - Understanding Emotions
  • Module 4 - Mastering and Managing Emotions

Module Details

  1. Module 1 - Introduction –  This module covers what is emotional intelligence?  Why it is important? How to develop emotional intelligence skills? What is the impact of emotions on the family, friends, and careers. 
  2. Module 2 – EQ Model -  This module covers what is EQ Model? Each individual gets personal brain profiles that helps in understanding how our mind works and why EQ is more important than IQ?
  3. Module 3 - Understanding Emotions - This module covers various competencies of emotional intelligence and also unlock our own EQ.  We will learn about ways and means to help us deal and manage emotions in our personal and professional lives.
  4. Module 4 – Mastering Emotions – This module covers how to manage emotions like – anxiety, anger and fear and some real-life situations where we can master our emotions and therefore take better decisions, have strong relations and be true to yourself.


After each module, we will provide some tasks to practice emotional intelligence. 


The fees for full course is INR. 7500 only.  Payment must be done in advance before the start of the program. 

Once the course has started, there is no refund policy.

The Fee includes-

  • Digital certificate from MEQ Academy. 
  • You will be part of our Emotional Well-being Community on Facebook. 

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