Sessions and webinar

EQ Course


Introducing online certification course in Emotional Intelligence.

This certification is best suited for people who wish to understand emotional intelligence and want to practice emotional intelligence in day to day life. If you are a life coach, teacher, house wife or social worker, you may like to learn this skill to manage emotions. 

EQ Gym


 What are your emotions telling you and how are you using them in everyday life?

Join us for a 6 weeks Emotional Intelligence workout to strengthen your "EQ Muscles" to increase insight, connect more powerfully, and step forward on purpose. 

Social Media Detox Program


Addiction to anything is bad... not only for your health but for your relationships and overall personality.

Social Media is one such thing that has become new addiction for young and adults. Get connected for a powerful one to one session with our Life Coaches who can help you get rid of social media addiction.

Confidence Building Webinar - June 2019


Register for upcoming free webinar on Confidence Building specially designed for Women.

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When - 19th June 2019 

Time - 8:00 PM 

EQ Cafe Anxiety - June 2019


Anxiety in the world is growing and it’s affecting youth and adults. But what IS anxiety? Since it’s a feeling, how can we use emotional intelligence to understand and work with it?  In this EQ Café we will discover:

● What “anxiety” is and isn’t 

● Current data about anxiety, it’s causes and effects

● How emotions, and emotional intelligence, helps us work with this challenging feeling 

Join us on 15th June 2019 from 11:00 a.m in Noida

EQ Cafe Motivation - February 2019


What does it mean to be “motivated”? Is it possible to motivate yourself and others? How? What role do emotions play in fueling commitment and generating energy?  In this EQ Café we will discover:

What “motivation” is and isn’t 

Research-based strategies to increase motivation

How emotions, and emotional intelligence, helps us fuel our own and others’ energy .