Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

What is EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to blend thinking and feeling and then take optimal decision.  EQ is the key to have successful relationship with self and others.

Why EQ?

Research says, it is important to find work culture of organization by analyzing general mood of the employee because it is the driving force behind the performance of the employees. In today’s world, leaders need capability to solve complex work situations. Emotional Intelligence can help leaders to face these challenges easily and build organizations where people can thrive.

EQ Training & Workshop

Our Emotional Intelligence training sessions are based on SEI-EQ assessments. The SEI-EQ assessments are scientific, global and practical. Brain Brief Profile (BBP) is a one-page description that tells about the way a person’s brain functions taking into account their emotional and cognitive data. Participants get a complete insight of their brain styles, talents and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Our EQ Workshop are highly interactive sessions, where participants learn by doing the activities.

EQ Coaching

Our leadership coaching sessions are based on SEI-EQ Assessments. Leaders get insight about their own emotional intelligence competencies, strengths and success factors. The individual one to one coaching sessions with leaders, managers and executives help them in increasing competencies and improve leadership skills and help them in making optimal decisions.


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