January 2020


 Leadership is the ability to lead the people, have courage, mission and vision.
Come join us this January 2020 and learn to Lead!
Leadership workshop for young adults! 

December 2019


 This December join our Kids Life Coaches for a powerful workshop on Self- awareness. It is the first step to practice emotional intelligence skill.

November 2019

POP UP Festival 2019

In partnership with Six Seconds our Kids Life Coaches will be conducting POP-UP festival across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Dubai. Come and celebrate with us! 

October 2019

Growth mindset

 Come let's learn how to have a growth mindset... This highly interactive fun-filled workshop will teach our children to observe their beliefs and thoughts and convert them into positivity and growth mindset. Let's get together on the journey from fixed mindset to growth mindset. 

September 2019


Emotion is a mental state associated with the nervous system brought on by chemical changes associated with thoughts, feelings, and actions.   Come join us for learning more about emotions and how to manage them.

August 2019


Kindness is contagious . This month we are teaching various ways to be kind. Come lets be kind and inspire others with kindness. Contact us for organizing Kindness Workshop in your school and society.

July 2019

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 What are our responsibilities towards society? Can children do something about it? Why it is important to be socially responsible? Come join us in this highly interactive EQ workshop throughout July. 

June 2019


 Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself as well as emotional states, such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame.

May 2019


Mindfulness is living in the present moment. Come join us  to learn various ways of practicing mindfulness.

April 2019


April is the month for EMPATHY.

Come join us for highly interactive workshop on the topic Empathy.

March 2019


Join us this March for interactive EQ workshop on Gratitude. It can change everything positively around you, we will tell you how! 

February 2019


Exams are stressful not only for students but also for parents and teachers. Our upcoming workshop is for all the students who are appearing for their final exams and board exams.

This workshop will help students to deal with stress and anxiety during preparation and exams. They get tips to study smartly and come out with flying colors.

Contact us for conducting this EQ workshop for your students. 

January 2019



As the new year is approaching, we are gearing up with new resolutions and goals for 2019.

How can we make effective goals and how we can achieve them.

Come join us in January 2019 to create goals and Vision for 2019 in highly interactive workshop.

November-December 2018

POP-UP Festival

In collaboration with Six Seconds our Kids Life Coaches will be conducting POP-UP festival across Delhi-NCR. Come and celebrate with us!

The POP-UP Festival is all about growing the skills for a better life and a better world. Grow friendship, reduce conflict. Grow self-awareness, reduce volatility. Grow connections, reduce isolation.

October 2018

Monthly Theme for Oct 2018

Parenting is tough... but you are not alone! We all go through lots of ups and downs when it comes to relationship with our kids, parents and near & dear ones. 

Our workshop theme for October 2018 is Relationship Building specially designed for Parents. An interesting and interactive workshop for Parents to learn simple tricks to make special bonding with kids for life.

September 2018


Emotional Literacy helps us in expressing ourselves in a better way. This whole month our Kids life Coaches will be conducting Emotional Literacy Workshop in Schools, Society and NGO's.

Our Kids Workshop theme for September 2018 is Emotional Literacy. Come and learn how our emotions can help us in managing emotions smartly.

August 2018


We believe every child is unique in its own way. Through our kids workshop - "I am Unique", we just want to educate our children that they are unique and best in their own ways. 

Join our Kids Life Coaches near you to learn and explore your uniqueness. Let the world know how Unique you are!

July 2018


We can learn so much from nature. Join our Kids Life Coaches this month to connect with nature and show your gratitude towards mother nature.