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Who can join?

We are looking for highly enthusiastic and committed people who wish to help kids from age group of 4 years to 17 years. If you wish to conduct interactive workshops and coaching sessions with kids and parents, then this course is for you!

Practical Coaching Tools

This online kids coach training will give you the practical tools for coaching children individually and gives access to the methodologies and systems of a proven Kids Life Coaching model. You will receive different activities and tools to coach the kids every month. 

Course Duration

Duration of Classes – 5 modules (once a week class) of 90 minute duration each followed by weekly assignment and study material.

Delivery Mode

The Kids Life Coaching course is an online 5 days course. It is delivered over Skype or Zoom.

Course Modules

There are five modules in the Kids Life Coach Certification program.

Kids Life Coach Community

You will be part of our fast growing Kids Life Coach community as well.    

Master Coach Speaks About the program

Check out this video to know more about Kids Life Coach Certification Program and why it is unique and promising. 

Course Details



The MEQ Kids Life Coach Certification consists of five modules:

1. Module 1 - Introduction to Kids Life Coaching
2. Module 2 - Self Awareness and Assessment
3. Module 3 - Understanding Emotional Intelligence
4. Module 4 - Kids Life Coaching - Tools and Techniques
5. Module 5 - Kids Workshop and Activities

Module Details

Module 1 - Introduction to Kids Life Coaching - We cover what is kids life coaching, why it is needed, how it is different from counseling and therapy and principles of coaching. 

Module 2 - Self Awareness and Assessment  - This module is mainly about you (the new coach). How aware are you about yourself. We talk about brain styles, our natural talents and how we deal with others. This session is based on emotional Intelligence assessment with your own EQ profiles.

Module 3 - Understanding Emotional Intelligence  - In this module we cover competencies of emotional intelligence and also unlock our own EQ. We learn about simple tools that can help us deal in difficult situations.

Module 4 - Coaching Kids and Tools for Coaching  - This module focuses on doing one to one session with kids. We share format, tools and techniques need to do a successful session. This is more about individual session with kids to help them boost self-confidence, improve time management and deal with any situation in life by managing emotions.

Module 5 – Kids Workshop and Activities - This module shares the kids workshop flow and also how to conduct EQ workshop. We also discuss one workshop during the session that you will conduct as assignment


After the course, assignment has to be completed in 1.5 month after attending the online class. It will include-

1. Practice sessions with kids.

2. Create report in suggested format and submit to MEQ Academy in defined timeline.

3  Do one group workshop with kids.


The one time payment for full course is $899 (USD) and payment has to be done in advance before the start of the program. 

Payments can be done online via PayPal, Online Transfer or Demand Draft in the name of  MERAVIGLIA EQ ACADEMY PRIVATE LIMITED 

The Fee includes-

  • MEQ Academy's Kids Life Coach Certification. (Renewable after one year)
  • Your promotion as a Kids Life Coach through our FB Page and other social media platform.
  • Recieve 10 highly interactive workshop for conducting EQ workshops.with Kids
  • You will also get support from fellow coaches and MEQ Academy's master coaches to become expert in Kids Life Coaching.
  • You become part of MEQ Kids Life Coach Community where you get help from like minded people.

Kids Life Coach Certification

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