Become a certified MEQ Academy's Kids Life Coach | SEL program for School and College

Certificate in Kids Life Coaching

Become a successful Kids Life Coach and conduct 1-2-1 sessions & kids workshop based on Emotional Intelligence every month.

About Us

 We are a group of highly passionate independent life coaches who want to bring a positive change in the world by coaching and training people in a fun and interactive way. We want to create an environment where people can freely express themselves.  

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Certification Program


Kids Life Coach Certification Program


Currently, MEQ Academy is offering Kids Life Coach certification program which is a three months online coaching program and certifies you as an independent KIDS LIFE COACH. 

If you have a passion, courage and desire to learn and explore, then we welcome you to join our certification  program. 

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Our Kids Life Coach Community

Meet the coaches in fast growing certified MEQ Kids Life Coaches community. They are highly passionate and willing to bring a positive change in the society by doing kids workshop, one to one sessions and parenting sessions. 

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EQ for Education

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills are easy to learn and enhance well-being, health, self-efficacy & excellent academic performance.

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EQ for Corporate

Research says, it is important to find work culture of organization by analyzing general mood of the employee because it is the driving force behind the performance of the employees.

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EQ for Individuals

Emotional Intelligence help individuals in their personal and professional growth by using powerful EQ tools and assessments.

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