Social Emotional Learning

What is SEL?

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a learnable skill  through which children and adults manage their emotions, set realistic goals, become empathetic, build strong relationship, and take decisions. 

Why SEL?

SEL skills results in improved outcomes in well-being, health, self-efficacy and better school performance. Integration of SEL into whole school community is the key to success,

What is EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to blend thinking and feeling and then take optimal decision.  EQ is the key to have successful relationship with self and others.

What is SEL Community?

SEL community is a group of students, teachers and parents who wish to learn and practice emotional intelligence.   Social-emotional learning skills matters. The goal of having SEL community in the school and teaching these skills is to build students mental health and resilience so that as they grow, they are ready to adapt and handle the challenges on their own. 

EQ for Teachers

We provide quarterly workshop to teachers based on emotional intelligence.  These workshop help teachers nourish compassion and inner peace, have strong bonding with students and grow as positive change-maker. 

Does your school has SEL community?

We at MEQ Academy are setting up SEL community in schools. Every school must have SEL community where students, teachers and parents can learn together.  For details -


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